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Flat Roof Repair –


Flat roofing presents a few problems, the main one being poor drainage.  The next is probably deferred maintenance. Drainage can almost always be addressed before the fact with some foresight. The problem is, often times the drainage issues are not addressed, the new roofing is installed over a surface that does not provide positive drainage and then attempts are made to correct the problem later.


With deferred maintenance, the main thing is letting the reflective surface on the roofing deteriorate.

Once this has been allowed, the sun begins to burn through the actual roofing membrane and soon cracks then active roof leaks begin to develop.


If you have concerns about your flat roofing, call Certified Roof & Inspection, we have over 40 years of successful flat roof installation, flat roof repair, and flat roof inspection experience.

Flat Roof Repair | Flat Roof Contractor

"We made they right choice when we chose Ron Williams to replace our roof."

Sham L., Stockton, CA
Stockton Testimonial Ron Williams' Certified Roof & Inspection
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