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Roof Certification Stockton

A roof certification is a written assurance that is given by a licensed Roofing Contractor after inspecting the roof for potential issues.

The philosophy of roofing inspectors varies. Some roof inspectors will do inspections for home sellers and find as few problems as possible in order to help close the sale and retain good standing with their realtor customer. These inspections are considered "subjective".

Obviously the problem there is that the new homeowner gets left holding the bag, thinking "The roof is certified, its fine". Wrong. Often its not fine & that's when they find out there is a fee charged before the company will honor their certification.

Others will take an objective look, pointing out anything outside of the roofing manufactures' requirements, building code and any possible leak issues. We are the latter & honestly we get hired for roof inspections by home buyers vs. home sellers 10 to 1.

Once the roof has been inspected, a report is provided including pictures, applicable specifications and a detailed description of the condition of the roof.

In many cases a 2 year roof certification is available for a nominal fee. Once a roof certification is issued by us, if you experience a roof leak under normal weather conditions at an area covered by the roof certification we will come out and fix it at no cost to you.


                                                                    Ron Williams

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