Do you have holes in your stucco? Holes in your stucco can lead to disaster, so homeowners throughout Sacramento trust Ron Williams' Certified Roof & Inspection to repair damage to make your stucco last.

Are your rain gutters embedded into the stucco?

Are your rain gutters embedded into the stucco?

This is something we see all of the time. If you cannot see space between the gutter and the wall, then they are embedded. When houses are built, if the gutter guy happens to show up before the stucco guy, he will install the gutter end tight against the wood framing, then the stucco guy stuccos it in.

Holes In Stucco Let Water Damage Interior Walls

Over a few years, the gutter end will leak or condensate. Once the gutter is removed, you can see the gaping hole in the stucco that leads right into the building’s interior sheet rock.

New Stucco Fixes Leak At Wall

The hole has been filled with new stucco (not stucco patch), the gutter shortened and the gutter end is now separated from the wall. Problem solved. No more roof leaks!

The reason stucco repairs are significant in roofing is that MANY of the roofs flashing details tie directly into stucco. Often it's necessary to remove/cut the stucco then replace it to provide the best work. When you are working with us, it gets done right!

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