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We provide the best shingle roof repair in Stockton and Central California. We also provide roof inspections and install new shingle roofing.

40 Years Installing New Shingle Roofs & Roof Repair

best shingle roof repair in Stockton

“Our shingle roof repair work will comply with the shingle manufacturer’s specifications so you know it’s done right. Many roof repair companies are not even aware of what these are!”

The composition shingle roof is an excellent value in roofing material. Currently, in California the minimum slope requirement for a composition shingle roof is 2-1/2″ in 12″, or 2-1/2 inches of vertical fall for every 12 inches of horizontal run. Although this is a minimum requirement, it has been my experience that the thicker composition shingles (30 to 50 year) do not perform well on anything less than a 3″ in 12″ slope or “pitch,” as it is called in the industry. We see leaking shingle roofs all the time because they were installed over a surface with 2-1/2″ or less slope, usually by someone who was unaware of the requirements.

Roof Repair Done Right!

Composition roof shingles…

…are definitely easy to install out of all other roofing materials.

Because they are the easiest to install, some people assume it is simple & will spend the money on all new materials, only to totally botch the roof installation causing all of the new material to be wasted. We see it frequently during roof inspections or shingle roof repair estimates.

Normally when this happens, there is really no way to make it right. It is a shame to see all of that brand new roofing material wasted.

Composition shingles can be had in any number of colors, with materials warranties ranging from 20 to 50 years or even a “lifetime.” I’m not sure how the manufacturers are able to do this, as the shingles are all surfaced with the same surfacing material or granules, and in effect, once the surfacing deteriorates the roof is useless. In 40 years of observation, it seems to me that when you buy a 40 or 50 year roof, you are paying for the thicker look (which is substantially nicer looking) rather than an actual longer roof life, as the surfacing granules all last about the same amount of time.

It has been my experience, that the two single most significant factors determining roof life are installation methods, and the quality or effectiveness of the attic ventilation.

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We do our shingle roof repairs just like our new roofs; we do not skimp on anything including our time.
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