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Without question, the most common cause of leaks with tile roofing is debris accumulation underneath and on top of the tile at the roof valleys and other flashings. Ron Williams' Certified Roof & Inspection provides the best tile roof repair in Stockton and Central California. We provide tile roof repair, inspection and new roof installation.

About Tile Roof Leaks

On a tile roof, these “pan” type or “J” flashings are intended to keep the water from exiting or spilling over the edge of the flashing. There is a lip at the edge of the flashing that keeps water from running over the edge and off the flashing. If anything happens to that lip, (it gets bent down or installers nail it down) even a minimal amount of dirt, mud, moss or leaves will divert water off the flashing and cause roof leaks. Since most roofers are paid piece work and the work itself is brutally tough, by the time the roof is done the lip on the valley is mostly flattened. To the left you can see multiple “mud lines” where little dams were created and water was diverted sideways off the flashing.

In addition, sometimes homes are actually built with the wrong type or size of flashings used. The end result is a roof leak.

Tile Roof Leaks
Tile Roof Leaks
Tile Roof Leaks

You can see how the roof tiles have been catching dirt over the years. This washes down the valley flashing and eventually built up enough to create a dam. The water diverted over the flashing lip / edge and under the roofing, which caused a roof leak.

This is when you find out it is not the felt that keeps the water out, as so many contractors and “experts” mistakenly believe. If it was, none of these roofs would leak.

On a “closed valley,” the tile extends all the way to the center of the tile valley and creates two problems. It smashes down the flashing edge / lip because it is sitting right on top of it. It catches all of the dirt / debris that is carried down the valley flashing with the water and accumulates until it creates dam. At this point, it is diverted sideways over the flashing edge.

There are few as thorough or experienced as Ron Williams’ Certified Roof & Inspection at fixing these roof flashings and tile roof repairs.

Here we have exposed and cleaned the valley flashing and are in the process of straightening the pan that was damaged by the tile being installed on top of it.

Now we put the batten extender in place. It bridges over the flashing edge or lip, protecting it from being smashed down by the tile. It also holds the tile off the flashing, allowing water to flow underneath the roof tile, even when there is debris on top of the tile.

The roof valley is almost done, as Brian finishes replacing the tile. Brian has done hundreds of these tile roof valleys and he is good at it. He is professional, courteous and friendly, as well as a part owner. He will be there on your Tile Roof Repair job.

Tile Roof Leaks
Tile Roof Leaks
Tile Roof Leaks
Tile roofing is a great product. It is widely known as a good looking, high end roofing material that usually comes with a 50 year or even lifetime material warranty.
75% of our roof repair work is done on leaking tile roofs. This is not due to any defects in the product. Tile roof leaks are mostly caused by a lack of roof maintenance.
With 75% of roof leaks being on tile roofs, 95% of those are caused by debris accumulation around roof penetration flashings like plumbing or heating pipes or roof intersection flashings primarily roof valley flashing or roof to wall flashing.
There are very specific guidelines for tile roof installations and that includes flashing. Sometimes builders will cut costs by installing a cheaper or wrong type of flashing.
Even when the roof is installed correctly, after about 6-10 years, a tile roof will develop leaks at a roof valley because of dirt build up. This dirt is not visibly since the bulk of it is actually under the roof tiles. If your roof should develop a leak near the valley area, you should have it checked right away. These type of roof leaks can get severe fairly quickly.
When looking for the best tile roof repair in Stockton and Central California has to offer, look no farther than Ron Williams’ Certified Roof & Inspection. We provide tile roof repair, inspection and new roof installation.
We do tile roof repair the right way.
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