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Roof Inspection How To Get The Best Stockton

3 Simple Rules For Finding a Roof Inspector For Stockton Roof Inspections


One – Roof Inspection: Is the information given in the roof inspection report verifiable?

Seeing is believing, a good roof inspector will provide photos of the defects called out in the report.

Two – Is the roof inspector qualified?


A good roof inspector will have credentials from an accredited source, like the Contractor’s State License Board.


Three –  Is the Stockton roof inspector actually local & does he have a long term good standing in the community?


It is always best to hire local roof inspectors if they have good customer reviews and they meet the above requirements you really can’t miss.

Below is a copy of one of our standard roof inspection reports along with our roof certification document.  Defects mentioned in the report are always accompanied by photos.


What is a Roof Inspection?


It seems like the answer would be obvious. A qualified roof inspector (a licensed inspector that is aware of building codes, manufactures specifications and industry standards) checks out the roof & then provides a report providing all of the information about the roof that may be relevant to the parties involved.


It is not nearly that simple, the reason is that the majority of the roof inspections done in San Joaquin & Sacramento Counties completely subjective.

What is a “subjective” roof inspection?

sub·jec·tive / adjective  1.based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. /  “his views are highly subjective” –  in other words, not based on fact, why would anyone want a roof inspection or  roof certification that is not based on fact?

Now that you know the facts, the rest is up to you! Don’t buy into the hidden fees and disclaimers.


Jun 12, 2017, 10:08 AM

Roof Inspection & Roof Repairs

Hello, I just wanted to tell you about the roof repair that was done at my house last month. We had that hard rain and hail storm yesterday and my roof performed perfectly. The rain was hard enough that it would have leaked inside for sure as the roof was before it was fixed. Please tell the guys that came and did the work that they did an excellent job and that I am very happy with the result.
Thank you,

5.0 | 02-28-2007
Review by a homeowner in Stockton, CA
Project: Install A New Cool Roof
We had the garage roof replaced from shake to composite. I have to say that Ron Williams kept me up to date on any changes to the scheduled roof replacement. His pricing wasn’t the cheapest but we were able to negotiate a good deal for both. On the day of the tear-off, I was expecting not to be able to park in the garage due to debris all over the driveway but to my surprise, I had a hard time finding any pieces of debris. I couldn’t even find one old nail on the driveway! Ron calls you every step of the way from when he is going to start the tear off, to when the plywood and metal sheathing will be applied to when the composite will be done and roof completed.  He actually called within ten minutes of the online request! I did notice a few nails sticking through the plywood on the overhang but Ron came over as soon as I mentioned this to him. Ron is very good at what he does. I got quotes from other companies but they wouldn’t list the type of materials they would be using. Ron did. Others would provide quotes but wanted 50% down payment. Ron only asks for 10%. I will definitely keep Ron in mind if we ever need our home roof replaced. I know I’ll be recommending him to friends and family.


"We made they right choice when we chose Ron Williams to replace our roof."

Sham L., Stockton, CA
Stockton Testimonial Ron Williams' Certified Roof & Inspection
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