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Roof flashing is a critical part of any Stockton roofing job. Virtually 90% of all roof leaks occur near a roof flashing of some type, I actually saw a roofing contract once where any leaks around roof flashing were excluded from the roof warranty! When roof leaks do happen…that is where, that is why making sure that all roof flashing is replaced when a new roof is installed. This would also include any chimney flashing or skylight flashing. If you happen to have an older roof, roof flashing inspection, flashing replacement and flashing repair are important parts of general roof maintenance along with keeping the gutters clean and keeping vegetation from contacting the roof surface, which can cause a surprising amount of damage to the roofing.


As you see here on the flashing we install the base flange or the part that actually connects to the roofing is actually 3 times the size of the original flashing, giving it much more ability to shed water.

"We made they right choice when we chose Ron Williams to replace our roof."

Sham L., Stockton, CA
Stockton Testimonial Ron Williams' Certified Roof & Inspection
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